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Posted on: August 2, 2011 9:59 am

The adventures of Randy Moss

- Arrested in high school for a felony
- tests positive for weed while in jail, gets another two months
- Kicked out of Notre Dame
- Kicked out of Florida State
- called the 1970 Marshall plane crash "nothing big"
- Squirts official with water bottle - $25,000 fine
- Touches official - $25,000 fine
- Fights the Bears - $5,000 fine
- Spikes ball at Dre' Bly - $5,000 fine
- Moons Packers fans, causes Joe Buck to have an aneurysm - $10,000 fine
- Verbally abuses Vikings corporate sponsors - $15,000 fine
- hates Tunicci's free buffet
- Forced to take anger management counseling by Vikings
- "I play when I want to play"
- "Straight cash homey"
- Makes illegal turn
- follows up illegal turn by running over police officer
- arrested on felony charges for running over police officer
- Driving around with weed in his car
- leaves field during Redskins game, when his height could have one the game on a hail mary
- failed NFL drug test for marijuana
- Admits on national tv that he smokes the weed
- Beats his baby-momma
- 4 children out of wedlock
- Quit on the Raiders
- Quit on the Patriots
- Quit on the Vikings
- Quit on the Titans
- Quit on the NFL
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