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Posted on: August 10, 2011 10:06 am

Mike Shanahan without John Elway

It is said that Mike Shanahan couldn't win without John Elway.  People who say that are idiots.

Mike Shanahan made Brian Griese, Jake Plummer, and Jay Cutler look like good quarterbacks

The Broncos went 11-5 and sent Brian Griese to the Probowl in 2000
The Broncos went 13-3 and sent Jake Plummer to the Probowl in 2005
The Broncos went 8-8 and sent Jay Cutler to the Probowl in 2008

Shanahan was also:
4-0 with Bubby Brister
2-1 with Chris Miller
4-3 with Gus Frerotte
2-3 with Steve Beuerlein
0-2 with Danny Kanell
0-1 with Jarious Jackson

That is a record of 12-10 with BACKUP QUARTERBACKS

So please, never ever EVER say that Mike Shanahan sucked after John Elway again.  Or I will have to e-punch you in your e-face.

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