Posted on: October 24, 2012 11:12 am

Cam Newton at 23

You should compare the 23 year old Cam Newton to how these quarterbacks were doing at 23:

- Eli Manning was 1-6, and had major problems calling a game.  He would get to the line with 20 seconds left on the clock, and take 30 seconds to make his adjustments.  He simply did not have the mental capacity at 23 to be an NFL quarterback
- Matthew Stafford's second year he could only stay healthy for 3 games.  Multiple multiple arm injuries put a major cloud over his future
- Ron Mexico at 23 played 4 games, got his coach fired, and wasn't allowed to throw the ball
- Carson Palmer didn't start an NFL game until he was 25
- Drew Bledsoe at 23:  13 TDs, 16 ints, 11 fumbles
- Troy Aikman at 23 was 0-11
- John Elway completed 47% of his passes on a losing team
- Terry Bradshaw's numbers make Ryan Leaf look competent
- Drew Brees looked so good the Chargers drafted Rivers
- Aaron Rodgers and Philip Rivers weren't even playing
- Kurt Warner was an Iowa Barnstormer
- Tom Brady was 3rd string
- Tony Romo was 4th string
- Brent Farve was a fat drunk lazy alcoholic who had just been traded
- Johnny Unitas, arguably the greatest quarterback player to ever play the game - had just been cut, and was backing up George Shaw (who?)

Compared to some of the greatest quarterbacks today and in history, Cam Newton's 23 year old second season compares VERY well
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